Dr. I.J. (Inga) Hoever

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Associate Member ERIM
Field: Organisation
Affiliated since 2008

Inga Hoever is an Associate Professor in the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management of Rotterdam School of Management. Her research focuses on questions related to teams and workplace creativity. She is particularly interested in how individual employees and team members relate to each other through processes like perspective taking, feedback, and information elaboration and how these processes help employees realize the potential of the diversity present among their co-workers or team members.

Key Publications (2)

  • D.L. van Knippenberg & I.J. Hoever (2017). Team diversity and team creativity: A categorization-elaboration perspective. In R. Reiter-Palmon (Ed.), Team creativity. New York: Oxford University Press
  • I.J. Hoever (2012, oktober 12). Diversity and creativity: in search of synergy. Erasmus University Rotterdam (155 pag.) (Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management (PhD Serie 267)) Prom./coprom.: Prof.Dr. D. van Knippenberg.
  • Role: Co-promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Mayssa Rishani
  • Time frame: 2017 -
  • Role: Daily Supervisor
  • PhD Candidate: Begüm Bilgin
  • Time frame: 2019 -
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Pisitta Vongswasdi
  • Time frame: 2016 - 2020

Editorial positions

  • Academy of Management Journal

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Visiting address

Office: Mandeville Building T10-37
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam

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Postbus 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam