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Tue. 26 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
Anomaly Time
Adam Reed (University of North Carolina)
Thu. 28 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
Taxes, Risk-Taking Incentives, and Relative Performance Evaluation
Jennifer Blouin (University of Pennsylvania)
Tue. 3 May. 2022 Research Seminar
Global Volatility and Firm-Level Capital Flows
Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College London)
Tue. 10 May. 2022 Research Seminar
Do I Really Want to Hear the News? Public Information Arrival and Investor Beliefs
Tony Cookson (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Tue. 17 May. 2022 Research Seminar
Impact of Money in Politics on Labor and Capital: Evidence from Citizens United v. FEC
Tania Babina (Columbia Business School)
Wed. 18 May. 2022 Inaugural Address
A Tale of Risk
Chen Zhou (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 19 May. 2022 Research Seminar
Executive Equity Compensation Plans and Board of Director Discretion over Equity Grants
Brian Cadman (University of Utah)
Wed. 25 May. 2022 Research Seminar
Information Resonance
Ulrike Malmendier (University of California Berkeley)