Management Science in Railroad Applications




Lars Kjær Nielsen - First place RAS Informs Student Paper Contest 

A Decision Support Framework for Rolling Stock Rescheduling
We present a generic framework for modeling disruptions in railwayrolling stock schedules. A disruption is modeled as an online rolling stockrescheduling problem where information on resource availability becomesavailable as the situation evolves. We propose a rolling horizon approachto decompose the problem and extend an existing model for generic rollingstock scheduling to the real time case. We perform computational tests oninstances constructed from real life cases and discuss their implications.
Daniel Pothoff - Second place RAS Informs Student Paper Contest
Column generation with dynamic duty selection for railway crew rescheduling
With Dennis Huisman and Guy Desaulniers,
On the Dutch railway network, there are daily about three large disruptions. In this paper, we present an algorithm to reschedule the crews when such a disruption occurs. The algorithm is based on column generation techniques combined with Lagrangian heuristics. Since the number of duties is very large in practical instances, we rst de ne a core problem of tractable size. If some tasks remain uncovered in the solution of the core problem, we perform a neighbourhood exploration to improve the solution. Computational experiments with real-life instances show that our method is capable of producing good solutions within a reasonable amount of time.
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Niels Agatz