ERIM Master in Philosophy in Business Research Recruitment 2009



ERIM Master in Philosophy in Business Research Recruitment 2009

Erasmus Master's Event 2009

The Erasmus Master’s Event 2009 offers an explanatory introduction to the Erasmus University Master’s programmes. A short presentation explaining the main goals of the master programme will be provided by Professors, teachers and student counselors.

Your Way to the Top in Research in Management
The Master of Philosophy in Business Research is specifically designed for academically talented and motivated students who would like to combine education in a specialisation area of their choice with the challenges of undertaking research in that field.

The overall focus of the MPhil in Business Research is on the development of academic competencies and skills within a specific field of management. The maximum admission of 30 students a year facilitates both customisation of the program and a strong individual supervision, thus enabling a distinctive personal approach for this Research Master Programme. ERIM MPhil in Business research is officially accredited by NVAO, the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation.

The focus on research methods and techniques makes this research master programme a perfect preparation for a successful subsequent PhD study in management or business at a top international business school or functions in staff departments of large companies, consultancy firms and institutes for applied research.

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