Introduction to Business Intelligence: The Journey through the BI Architecture from Raw Data to Fancy Reports and Dynamic Dashboards



This seminar will introduce the BI architecture, from the very beginning showing systems components up to finally presenting business results and indicators using reports techniques. It is the journey of the raw data from source systems being transformed into relevant business information presented in a modern way on reports and dynamic dashboards. All BI-systems components will be briefly discussed, special attention is given to relevant aspects such modeling choices and user security. After the raw data is transformed and loaded into the data warehouse, a very important factor in BI success is the analyst’s choice of reporting and measures, such as (key) result indicators, performance indicators and key performance indicators. Therefore indicators and reporting will receive a special attention during the seminar. Finally it will be presented a series of types of reports and best uses for graph types and dynamic dashboards.
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Wilco van den Heuvel