Every Move You Make, Every Claim You Stake: A "Practice-Turn" in IS Research



The “practice-turn” has received a great deal of attention in the management literature, and particularly in the field of strategy. An increasing number of papers and books, identified themselves as “strategy-as-practice” studies, have been published in recent years, helping to consolidate their position and contribution – both conceptual and empirical – as an emergent and strong research tradition. Interestingly, in the IS field we can also find an increasing number of researchers using theoretical lenses focusing on practices, routines, daily interactions, converging towards a research stream identifiable as a “practice-turn”.

The goal of this presentation is twofold. In a first part, the goal is to identify influential groups of IS researchers espousing a practice lens, recognizing their theoretical foundations, their view of technology and agency and their potential for making a contribution to IS research. In a second part, the purpose is to illustrate the use of a practice-based framework which addresses the social impacts of ICT at the societal/community level.
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Eric van Heck