Perspectives on NGO-business Partnerships



The seminar will focus on the NGO-business interface. Firstly, a literature review of articles published on the topic from 1998 to 2009 in the fields of management, international business, business and society and nonprofit sector research will be presented. Secondly, recent theoretical developments in the fields will be discussed and finally, cases of NGO-business partnerships will be examined. The seminar/workshop is intended to be a discussion on the current state of research on NGO-business and on possible future avenues of research.
Reading material: Kourula, A & S. Laasonen (2010) “Nongovernmental Organizations in Business and Society, Management, and International Business Research: Review and Implications from 1998 to 2007” Business & Society 49(1): pp. 35-67.
Dr. Arno Kourula is a project manager and researcher at Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland, and his focus areas are company-nongovernmental organization relations, Base of the Pyramid (BOP), corporate responsibility and stakeholder management. Starting from September 2010 he will go to Stanford University for a two year postdoctoral fellowship.
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