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Richard Paap (1969) is endowed professor of Econometrics and Marketing at the Econometric Institute, Erasmus School of Economics. He holds a PhD (cum laude) in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is coordinator of the bachelor program Econometrics and Operations Research and coordinator of the master program Quantitative Marketing. He is research fellow of the Tinbergen Institute and Member of ERIM. His main research interest is Bayesian Econometrics with applications in the field of macroeconomics and Marketing. His research had been published in several scientific journals in the field of Econometrics, Economics, Marketing and Statistics. He also wrote two books which are published by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

About the inaugural address

The focus of the lecture will be on the use of the results of econometric analyses for decision problems. In the first part of the lecture the importance of correct statements about uncertainty in econometric forecasts is discussed. The second part will focus on future challenges for econometricians when the results of econometric research are used in practice.
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Ronald de Groot