Buyer-seller Negotiations



Order acceptance decisions have a significant influence on the short- and long-term performance of a firm. Firms, therefore, should make complex order acceptance decisions with regard to their organizational goals in an effective way. Models are called for to provide insight for decision-makers in developing proper strategies for order acceptance. This research presents an agent-based model to support order acceptance decisions in a multi-plant enterprise, particularly incorporating buyer-seller negotiations. The negotiation process is conceptualized in three phases, taking into account salient viewpoints on making order acceptance decisions. The conceptualization and the developed model not only provide valuable insights into the nature of negotiation in a supply chain setting, but also contribute to the understanding of strategy development for order acceptance.
The Seminars in Econometrics Series is supported by the Tinbergen Institute, ERIM and the Journal of Applied Econometrics.  This extra seminar is also supported by the Erasmus Research Centre on Business Intelligence (ECBI).
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Remy Spliet