Golden: Engaging in Sustainable Business Models



This session will explore possibilities of collaboration with the RSM staff and the GOLDEN network of researchers on sustainability. GOLDEN is developing knowledge and capacity necessary to accelerate the transformation of business to sustainable enterprise. That includes learning how to change the way individuals think and act; change the structures, strategies, processes and products of organizations; and change the systems that corporations are part of – markets, regulations and culture.
This ambitious undertaking requires an unusual strategy. GOLDEN is a “big science” and “engaged scholarship” initiative of a global network of academic researchers, working in partnership with business and other organizations.
“Big science” is a technical term to describe science-based investigations of unusual scale, and reflects GOLDEN’s long-term nature, its global scope, the number of people and organizations involved, and a commitment to make a profound contribution to a critical issue. “Engaged scholarship” for GOLDEN refers to a mode of research where academics work in deep and sustained collaboration with managers and their stakeholders to create knowledge for mutual benefit. View for more information.

Maurizion Zollo is Bocconi Dean’s Chaired Professor in Strategy and Corporate Responsibility at Bocconi University and Director of the Center for Research in Organization and Management (CROMA). President of the European Academy of Management (EURAM). Part of the steering committee of the Center for Research in Innovation, Organization and Strategy (CRIOS), as well as directing the Global Organizational Learning and Development Network (GOLDEN) for Sustainability. Zollo teaches on Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, M&A and Corporate Sustainability. Current research programs are focusing on the integration of sustainability in enterprise models ( and the neuro-scientific bases of innovation and sustainability.