The Use of New Strategic Management Systems Helping Organizations to Focus Strategy



In this session we will investigate how the use of new strategic management systems can help organizations focus strategy, link to performance metrics, and drive improved sustainability performance in corporations. Similar approaches can also be used in global education, health, and microentrepreneurship to significantly reduce global poverty. New academic insights and guidance will be provided on the implementation of innovation and CSR. How can we make corporate sustainability work? What are the best practices in managing and measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts? Can innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges be effective and efficient? How can our academic disciplines make significant contributions to practice and dramatically improve the social impacts of for profit and non-profit organizations alike?

During the session we will discuss how to actually measure and improve social impacts for non-profits, companies and impact investors. Based on extensive field research in leading corporations throughout the world and with leading non-profits and foundations working in Africa, Asia, and South America, this session will provide both the academic results for researchers along with guidance for managers.

New insights from three of Prof. Epstein recently published books will be presented and discussed:

  • Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts, 2nd edition (2014)
  • Measuring and Improving Social Impacts: A Guide for Nonprofits, Companies, and Impact Investors (2014)
  • Pharmacy on a Bicycle: Innovative Solutions for Global Health and Poverty (2013)