Scheduling Problems in Residential Demandside Management for Future Smart Energy Solutions



Our energy system is rapidly evolving. Part of this evolution is caused by a drive towards small-scale renewable energy generation (e.g., rooftop photovoltaic) and electrification of our energy supply (e.g., e-mobility). These changes greatly increase the stress on our energy supply infrastructure, which was designed and build several decades ago. To reduce stress on critical network assets by, e.g., better matching local supply and demand of energy, we consider residential demandside management. In this talk we first consider the challenges in (residential) electricity distribution grids. We then consider devices that can offer flexibility in their time and amount of energy consumption, e.g., electric vehicles, heat pumps, and so-called smart appliances. We present a methodology to coordinate the scheduling of the flexibility offered by the various devices in a residential neighbourhood. Finally, we show that this methodology is capable of greatly reducing the stress on our energy supply network.

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