The Future of Collaborative Innovation & Business Venturing



In an ecosystem that is characterized by great dissemination of knowledge, employee mobility and an increasing number of startups, collaborative innovation is becoming more and more important. This symposium will uncover the different forces at play and the response options companies have. Specifically, the goal of the symposium is to bring together insights from different perspectives and to bridge the academic research and practical implications in order to identify fruitful avenues for future research.

Four speakers have been invited to each represent a different perspective on this debate:

Chris Tucci – Professor of Corporate Strategy & Innovation at EPFL
Rogier van Beugen – Director Innovation and Venturing at KLM
Marielle Sijgers – Founder at
Coenraad de Vries – Managing Partner at Startgreen Capital

After a brief introduction from each of the speakers, members of the audience will present propositions that will be addressed in a truly innovative and interactive way. Using the interactive audience system developed and operated by Buzzmasters, each and every one in the audience will be actively involved in the debate! The speakers will act as panelists, providing expert opinions and insights during the debate.

The symposium shall be moderated by Pursey Heugens.