Introduction to Meta-Analysis



Meta-analysis has become an exceedingly popular tool within the field of Management over the last decades, and papers using this method tend to be highly valued by the field (as evidenced by getting cited 3 times more on average than primary studies). Not only is it one of the most effective methods both for synthesizing research, but it also allows for generating a wealth of new insights that extend beyond the primary studies on which it is based. This workshop introduces participants to meta-analysis by: i) explaining the types of research questions that this method is (uniquely) able to answer, and the novel insights it is able to provide; ii) walking them through the different steps of the method and highlighting key methodological considerations within each step; iii) providing them with suggestions and resources to help them further learn about and conduct meta-analyses. This workshop is intended to provide participants with a broad overview and intuitive understanding of the method and will therefore avoid statistics and complex formulas whenever possible. The workshop should be of interest to any faculty member who is either a consumer of others' meta-analytic results, is (thinking about) conducting meta-analyses themselves, or simply has a general interest in systematic approaches to synthesizing research.

After the workshop, there is also an opportunity for participants to receive 1-on-1 feedback on their current meta-analyses in progress. 

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