Provocations and possibilities: Discussing Grand Challenge research with Tima Bansal and Jennifer Howard-Grenville



This Grand Challenge seminar series features two of our leading scholars working on Grand Challenges in Management and Organization Studies. Both have published tremendously on important topics such as climate change, the environment, business sustainability or the sustainable development goals in the leading journals of our field, thereby instrumental in paving the way for Grand Challenge research within Management and Organization Studies. Both speakers will reflect upon their journeys and their take on Grand Challenge research, followed by a discussion with the audience on the current and future role of such research. As incoming and outgoing deputy editors of AMJ, the Academy of Management Journal, both speakers will also discuss their hopes and aspirations for such research in the journal. Both their work and thinking connects fundamentally to RSM’s mission to be a force for positive change and the Sustainable Development goals and we hope this seminar will appeal to colleagues across RSM. Lunch will be provided!

Grand Challenge seminar series

The aim of this seminar series is to foster high-level discussions within ERIM on grand societal challenges (the reduction of poverty, increasing equality, combating climate change) and the opportunities that these provide for management and organizational research. The focus on grand challenges aligns with the interest of the business-society department and RSM more widely on sustainability and the UN's sustainable development goals. Specifically, we invite leading researchers from business schools around the world who connect grand challenges to management and organizational theory and publish their work in the leading journals of our field.