ONLINE: Advanced Storage and Retrieval Policies in Automated Warehouses



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Warehouses are key components in supply chain.  They facilitate the product flow from production to distribution. The performance of supply chains relies on the performance of warehouses and distribution centers. Being able to realize short order delivery lead times, in retail and ecommerce particularly, is important for warehouses. Efficient and responsive storage and retrieval operations can help in realizing a short order delivery lead time. Additionally, space scarcity has brought some companies to use high-density storage systems that increase space usage in the warehouse. In such storage systems, most of the available space is used for storing products, as little space is needed for transporting loads. However, the throughput capacity of high-density storage systems is typically low. New robotic and automated technologies help warehouses to increase their throughput and responsiveness. Warehouses adapting such technologies require customized storage and retrieval policies fit for automated operations. This thesis studies storage and retrieval policies in warehouses using several common and emerging automated technologies.