Business Education as if People and the Planet Really Matter



Mounting concern over capitalism’s inability to address systemic challenges in our natural world (i.e. climate change) and social world (i.e. income inequality) is prompting reexamination of capitalism within business groups. This article argues that a concurrent reexamination must also take place within the foundations and philosophy of business education. As such, this essay explores nine broad themes for such a transformational reexamination: (1) instill an ethos of management as a calling, (2) rebuild the business school on a system of aspirational principles, (3) de-emphasize the core, (4) move beyond simply monetary measures, (5) train stewards of the market, (6) reexamine the purpose of the corporation, (7) discard misguided metrics and models, (8) bring the government back in, and (9) pay proper attention to citizenship. The article also discusses obstacles to such a grand revisioning, and offers examples that change is underway.

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