Impact of Generative AI on Human Creativity and Creative Processes



The generative AI landscape experienced a dramatic surge in 2022, marked by notable releases such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney for image generation, as well as ChatGPT for conversational text generation. As the generative AI revolution advances, it is poised to fundamentally transform content creation and redefine human creativity across various creative domains. In this presentation, I will discuss preliminary findings from several research projects that explore topics related to generative AI, e.g., the impact of generative AI on the productivity of designers with different experience levels; the ways in which generative AI revolutionizes the interior design workflow; and the role of automated prompt optimization algorithms in enhancing design quality. The dawn of the generative AI era brings about profound implications for the existing creator economy and highlights the need for further IS research in this burgeoning field.

This seminar will take place in T09-67. To join online, find the details below: