Masterclass on Organizing for Performance



Professor John Dunning is one of the grand old men of international business studies. His OLI framework has reached paradigm status in studies on international management and globalization. Invited by the SCOPE expert centre linked to the department of Business-Society Management, professor Dunning will give a masterclass in particular for PhD and MPhil students that are interested in the international dimension of their thesis topics. This session will first give the floor to prof. Dunning who will present his latest ideas on evolving paradigms in international business activity. This presentation is then followed by a number of short presentations of PhD and MPhil students that are invited to present their research topics after which - in an open and interactive exchange of ideas between Dunning and the participants - methodological as well as theoretical notions will be further explored. This master class is open for ERIM members, MPhil and PhD students.

Participants who would like to present their argument in front of professor Dunning, are invited to notify the organizer of this meeting (prof. Van Tulder, in advance in order to facilitate enough time slots to come to a fruitful exchange of ideas. Background reading: John Dunning (2004) An evolving paradigm of economic determinants of IB activity, in: Cheng and Pitt (eds) (2004) Managing Multinationals in a Knowledge Economy, Elsevier, p. 3-27. For further information: prof. dr. R. van Tulder,, Room no: T7-03