Comparative Study of Static and Adaptive Statistical Process Control Charts | Optimal Planning of Combined Statistical Process Control and Preventive Maintenance Procedures



On Friday October 6th, George Nenes and Sofia Panagiotidou from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, will give a presentation. George and Sofia are guests of Prof. Rommert Dekker and work on a EU project. You are cordially invited to attend their presentations. Titles of the presentation are given below.

Remember that this is a lunch meeting. For ordering the right amount of sandwiches, coffee, tea and milk, do let us know before Wednesday October 4th whether you will be present. We hope to welcome all of you.


George Nenes

Comparative study of static and adaptive statistical process control charts

Sofia Panagiotidou

Optimal planning of combined statistical process control and preventive maintenance procedures


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Robin Nicolai



Wilco van den Heuvel