New Branding Concepts: How to Conceptualize Them, How to Measure Them, and Preliminary Results of an Investigation of Whether They Add Anything to Traditional Measures of Brand Awareness and Brand Attitude in Predicting Heavy Usage of The Brand



“Branding” is a new marketing paradigm that has introduced many concepts such as “salience” in place of brand awareness and in place of brand attitude the brand attachment concepts of “resonance,” “trust,”  “commitment,” “bonding,” and “love.” However, these new concepts are vaguely defined and difficult to validly measure. This seminar firstly provides definitions and measures of the new branding concepts. Thereafter, preliminary results are presented from a new study with real consumers (N = approximately 600 at present with a target sample size of 1000) which investigates whether and to what extent the new concepts add to traditional concepts in the prediction (R2) of heavy usage of the brand. The heavy brand usage dependent variable is the brand's share of requirements multiplied by category usage volume for individual consumers. The results, to be revealed in the seminar, surprised us.


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Dr. B. Donkers