The Fourth ERIM/CentER PhD Workshop on Information Management Research





Course type:

Advanced specialisation course

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ERIM/CentER Workshop on Information Management Research






Prof. Dr. ir. E van Heck (ERIM, RSM), Dr ir. O. Koppius (ERIM, RSM), Prof. Dr. P. Ribbers (CentER, Tilburg University), Dr. ir. B. Bettonvil, Dr. A. Rutkowski (CentER, Tilburg University)

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. ir. E van Heck


Prof. Dr. ir. E van Heck and Prof. Dr. P. Ribbers



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This course is intended for PhD students in the field of information management (IM) and information systems. The main objective of this course is to improve the PhD research process and research plan of each of the participants.

Improving the PhD research plan will be achieved by:

  • discussing the main theoretical schools and empirical research of  several subfields of information management.
  • discussing methodological aspects of empirical and design oriented research in information management.d
  • discussing how to manage a PhD project in information management.

Course contents:


The following topics will be addressed:
  • Overview of theories and concepts in information management
  • Overview empirical and design oriented research in information management
  • Quantitative research in information management
  • Qualitative research in information management
  • Managing your PhD project in information management

Interaction and active participation will be emphasized by assignments and presentations. At the end participants have to hand in and present their (improved) PhD research plan.

The course consists of eight modules. The first session is a 4-day session. After this session PhD students will work on improving their individual PhD proposal, which will be presented in the second session (2-day session).

Module / Activity                                                   Lecturer           Date

1. Overview IM theories and concepts           Ribbers          21-5-2007

2. Discussion of IM research articles             van Heck        21-5-2007

3. Qualitative emp. research in IM               Rutkowsky      22-5-2007

4. Quantitative emp. research in IM             Bettonvil         23-5-2007

5. Experimental research in IM                    Koppius          23-5-2007

6. Design oriented research in IM                Ribbers/          24-5-2007

                                                              van Heck

7. Presentation research proposals              Ribbers/         16-7-2007

                                                              van Heck

8. Presentation research proposals              Ribbers/         17-7-2007

    and wrap up                                          van Heck


Assignments, Quality Research Proposal, Quality Presentation


At the start of each module relevant literature will be provided to the participants.

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Entry requirements:

The course especially aims at PhD researchers in the field of information management and information systems. All students have studied the basic literature on information management (Laudon & Laudon). Students have followed the course Research Methodology or the course Methodology of Research and Design with success. Students who did not follow one of the two research methodology courses, have to prove to the course directors an equivalent level of research methodology by submitting an detailed overview of the followed research methodology courses.
Venue and dates:

The course will take place in the T-building at the Campus of the University of Tilburg. The first session (days 1, 2, 3, and 4) is scheduled on 21-24 May 2007, and the second session is scheduled for 16 and 17 July 2007. Participants must reserve at least 20 hours of work to be done between those sessions.

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For more information on this course please contact:

Tilburg University
Department of Information Management
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Postbus 90153        tel.: +31 13 4662188
5000 LE Tilburg       fax: +31 13 4663069    e-mail:

ERIM/CentER charge external participants € 1.100 fee per course.