ERIM Journals List (EJL) 2016-2021

Updated September 2020

The ERIM Journals List consists of two sub lists: the Primary Set of ERIM journals and the Secondary Set of ERIM journals.

The Primary Set (P journals) contains the best journals in the field of management. There is a list of such journals that cover the entire field of research in management, and there are lists for each of the domains represented in ERIM research programmes.

A subset of the journals in the Primary Set, the so called P* journals (or STAR journals), is considered to contain the absolute top ones among the best journals in the field. These P* journals are widely considered as truly distinctive. All ERIM P* journals are listed in the ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

The second subset of the journals in the Primary Set are not (yet) listed in the ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR) but are expected to receive such a listing in the near future. These "non-ISI journals" are labelled as "P Aspirant" (P A) in the ERIM Journals List. P A journals will be transferred to the Secondary Set in the subsequent ERIM Journal List update, provided a sufficiently high impact factor has been attained before 1/1/2021.

A third subset of journals in the Primary Set is the category for Top Managerial Journals (M STAR or M*). In this way ERIM clearly differentiates between true research journals and these more managerially relevant journals. This new category of the list fits the importance attached to managerial relevance as part of ERIM's focus on dual impact (both academic, societal and managerial impact).

The list below gives the overview of journals on the ERIM Journals List, including their classification (P, P*, M*, S, P (A)).

Extensive and detailed information on the academic citation performance of EJL Journals and non-EJL Journals in the ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR) over different time windows is available via MyERIM (members only, ERNA Login).

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