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Tue. 4 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
ESG News, Future Cash Flows, and Firm Value
Philipp Krüger (University of Geneva)
Thu. 6 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
Information, Incentives, and CEO Replacement
Xiaojing Meng (New York University)
Tue. 11 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
The Gender Gap in Directors’ Career Paths after Financial Restatements
Jordan Schoenfeld (University of Utah)
Tue. 11 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
Misconduct and Fundraising in Private Equity
Yiming Qian (University of Connecticut)
Thu. 20 Oct. 2022 Research Workshop
Dutch Workshop on Corporate Taxation
Tue. 25 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
Feasible Stimulus and Constrained Monetary Policy
Farzad Saidi (Bonn University)
Thu. 27 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
Motivating Effortful Information Acquisition and Honest Reporting: The Effect Of Input, Output and Hybrid Control
Katlijn Haesebrouck (Maastricht University)
Tue. 1 Nov. 2022 Research Seminar
Subtle Discrimination
Daniel Ferreira (University of London)
Tue. 8 Nov. 2022 Research Seminar
A systemic Risk Dashboard
Frederic Malherbe (University College London)
Thu. 17 Nov. 2022 Research Seminar
Bigger Fish to Fry: The Interdependence of Earnings and ESG News in Investor Screening
Clare Wang (University of Colorado at Boulder)