Presenting and discussing grant proposals



To:    all participants of the VENI-workshop AGENDA VENI-workshop on March 14, 2007, 15.00-17.00 PM in T6-67  

1.          Welcome by Ale Smidts                                                           

2.         Presentation and discussion intended research proposals            

Name candidate               VENI-round   ERIM-programme           

Paolo Perego                             May 2007         Accounting           

Ingrid Verheul                          May 2007         Entrepreneurship         

Flavius Frasincar                      May 2007         Logistics           

Wendy van der Valk                  2008                Business Processes           

Diederik van Liere                    unkown             Information Management                       

3.         Conclusions by Pursey Heugens                                                

4.         Follow-up  and closing by Ale Smidts