INSCOPE Research Workshop



INSCOPE Research Workshop
 December 12, 2008
 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
 Maastricht University
 Friday, December 12th, INSCOPE will organize its first workshop for scholars interested in high-quality research on Social Innovation. INSCOPE's aim is to increase the fundamental understanding of social innovation and its influence on technological innovation, productivity and competitiveness of firms and within network of firms. At the INSCOPE Research workshop we will exchange research interests and discuss possibilities for joint projects.
13.00- 13.30Registration, coffee and cake
13.30- 13.45INSCOPE Research Workshop
 Introduction Andries de Grip (board member INSCOPE), and Henk Volberda (scientific director of INSCOPE)
13.45- 15.00INSCOPE Theme sessions
 All sessions will start with a paper presentation followed by a discussion on research topics and possibilities for co-operation
 Theme 1: Flexible organizational forms
 Coordinator: Justin Jansen, EUR
 Focus: how various flexible organizational forms and restructuring enable social innovation.
 Theme 2: Dynamic management capabilities
 Coordinator: Frans van den Bosch, EUR
 Focus: how innovations in management roles and leadership styles, managing diversity in teams and entrepreneurship give rise to dynamic managerial capabilities that trigger social innovation.
 Theme 3: Development of human capital
 Coordinator: Andries de Grip, UM
 Focus: the development and maintenance of employee skills and competences, effective internal communication, and HRM/labour relations which enable firms to work "smarter" and increase human excellence and the firm's performance.
 Theme 4: Learning alliances and open innovation
 Coordinator: Geert Duysters, UNU-MERIT
 Focus: how learning alliances, sophisticated market sensing, interactive client-based innovations, and open innovation networks enable the integration of internal and external knowledge and new interorganizational relationships.
 Theme 5: Management of institutional stakeholders
 Coordinator: Jelle Visser, AIAS
 Focus: the role of educational, regulatory, and financial institutions and institutional stakeholders as enablers of innovation and "win-win" solutions.
 Theme 6: Organizing Social innovation
 Coordinator: Fietje Vaas, TNO
 Focus: the effect of social innovation on the firm's overall performance.
15.30-16.00Theme Coordinator report on the discussions on research topics and possibilities for co-operation
 Chaired by Henk Volberda, scientific director of INSCOPE
 Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
16.00-17.00Keynote lecture by Koenraad Debackere (KU Leuven)
 Topics and evolutions in innovation management & policy research Koenraad Debackere is professor at K.U.Leuven where he teaches Technology and Innovation Management. His research has focused on the area of technology and innovation management and policy, the development of indicators for measuring the linkage between science and technology, the design and use of bibliometric indicators for science policy purposes and the role of entrepreneurial universities in economic development. He is also actively engaged in technology transfer activity as managing director of K.U. Leuven Research & Development and Chairman of the venture fund of K.U.Leuven. He is the co-founder and chairman of Leuven.Inc, the innovation network of Leuven high-tech entrepreneurs. He is a board member of IWT-Vlaanderen, the Flemish government agency that supports science and technology development in Flemish industry. Since 2005, he is the general manager of K.U.Leuven.
17.00Drinks in Kruithuis
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