New Directions in Leadership Research Conference


Leadership research holds a central place in management. If anything, the recent financial crisis and the economic and political situation of many organizations have increased our interest in understanding and developing effective leadership. This is reflected in many rapidly emerging areas of investigation, such as ethical leadership, leadership and fairness, servant leadership, identity-based leadership, team leadership, leadership and diversity, and leadership and creativity/innovation, but also in important extensions of many established areas of leadership research, such as personality, charismatic-transformational leadership, and leader-member exchange theories.

Inspired by this excitement in leadership research, recent leadership conferences hosted by Duke, Erasmus, INSEAD, and Wharton have been enthusiastically received by presenting and nonpresenting participants alike and praised for their stimulating diversity of perspectives that goes beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in leadership research (for a taste of these previous conferences, please visit the homepages of the New Directions in Leadership Research Conference 2009 and Erasmus Leadership Conference). In view of the highly overlapping aims of these earlier conferences as well as the value-added offered by a merger that makes it easier to establish linkages between Northern American and European researchers, we have decided to merge the conferences into one Duke-Erasmus-INSEAD-Wharton Leadership Conference, to be held annually: The New Directions in Leadership Research Conference.

The 1st will be hosted by the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies, which is part of the Rotterdam School of Management. This invitation-only conference will take place Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2010 (with a welcome reception on Wednesday 26th May). The meeting will be held every year and will rotate between the organizing institutions.

For more information, please contact one of the local organizers: