Sustainability and Effectuation



The objective of this workshop is to take the best of expert entrepreneurial thinking, i.e. effectuation, in order to create the next sustainable markets, products or services. The challenges the planet faces are extraordinary and completely unprecedented - whether from soaring population growth, resource constraints, a warming climate or myopic financial markets. Business innovations to scale sustainable solutions exponentially - across entire business models, across all products and services - is what we need to put our global economy on a sustainable path. This challenge asks for other skills than those that are currently being taught in many MBA programs. Effectuation is an approach introduced by Saras Sarasvathy that addresses the issues of decision making in highly uncertain and unpredictable environments. This workshop will help us to further understand effectual principles and offer a new perspective on the questions that surround executives with the mandate to innovate and grow their businesses in a sustainable way.
The Erasmus - EIM - Panteia Entrepreneurship Lectures Series is co-organized by Erasmus Research Institute of Management ( and EIM Business & Policy Research (EIM/Panteia), an independent and international research and consultancy organisation, specialised in SMEs and EntrepreneurshipEIM is part of the Panteia group.
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