A Multilevel Perspective on Entrepreneurship Education



This study examines how modes of entrepreneurship education (active, such as business plans, versus reflective, such as theory lectures) alone and in interaction with the universi-ties regional context affect students self-employment intentions. Results from a cross-level analysis show that active modes are positively related with intentions and attitudes, whereas the effect of reflective modes is dependent on the regional context. The findings have impor-tant implications for policy and the ongoing discussion on the teachability of entrepreneurship.
The Erasmus - EIM - Panteia Entrepreneurship Lectures Series is co-organized by Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM.nl) and EIM Business & Policy Research (EIM/Panteia), an independent and international research and consultancy organisation, specialised in SMEs and Entrepreneurship. EIM is part of the Panteia group.
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Ingrid Verheul