Economic Behaviour & Psychological Markers



An alternative route for developing psychological theory unique to entrepreneurship may be to instead venture outside of variables that are positively related to human endeavors in general. In particular, although a dominant force in the field of psychology, clinical approaches and the study of mental disor-der are virtually absent in entrepreneurship research. We believe that such approaches have a lot to of-fer. To the extent that such research identifies mechanisms that are common in prior research, it will call into question the validity of how previously identified personal factors influence entrepreneurial out-comes (e.g., good health, positive psychological attributes). To the extent that it highlights new mecha-nisms, it will open important discussion about equifinality in entrepreneurial endeavors and plurality in entrepreneurial logics for action. In either case, the research will open a promising new area of research that contributes to entrepreneurship theory.


14:30 Coffee and tea
14:45 Welcome by Roy Thurik
14:50-15:00 Incidence of dyslexia and left-handedness among Dutch entrepreneurs
Presenter: Peter van der Zwan (Erasmus School of Economics)
Co-authors: Jolanda Hessels and Niels Rietveld (both Erasmus School of Economics)
15:00-15:10 Cognitive control and economic decision making
Presenter: Wim Rietdijk (Erasmus School of Economics)
Co-author: Ingmar Franken (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Institute of Psychology) and Roy Thurik
15:10-15:30 Discussion by Alexander Kritikos (University of Potsdam and DIW Berlin)
15:30-15:50 Hyperactivity, inattention and entrepreneurial intentions
Presenter: Ingrid Verheul (Rotterdam School of Management)
Co-authors: Jörn Block (University of Trier), Katrin Burmeister-Lamp, Roy Thurik, Henning Tiemeier and Roxana Tur-turea (all Erasmus University Rotterdam)
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
16:10-16:30 Creativity, health, ADHD and entrepreneurial orientation of small firm owners
Presenter: Anis Khedhaouria (Montpellier Business School)
Co-authors: Roy Thurik, Ingrid Verheul and Olivier Torrès (Université de Montpellier I)
16:30–16:50 Temporal consciousness and entrepreneurial behaviour
Presenter: Nardo de Vries (Panteia/EIM)
Co-authors: Wim Rietdijk, Ingrid Verheul and Roy Thurik
16:50-17:10 Discussion by Marco van Gelderen (VU University Amsterdam)

Closing remarks by Roy Thurik and ‘borrel’