Adaptive Team Leadership



In this presentation I will discuss our recent research on adaptive leadership. We developed a model of adaptive team leadership. In a series of laboratory studies, we investigate several aspects of this model. In study 1, we investigate how adaptive leadership (i.e., functional changes in leadership styles in accordance with situational task changes) improves teams’ ability to successfully manage unexpectedly changing task demands. We propose that adaptive leadership alters team information sharing and behavioral interaction patterns to better support teams cycling between complex and simple tasks, compared to either directive or empowering leadership. We tested our model on a sample of 90 four-person teams (a formal leader and three team members) that were randomly assigned to a directive, empowering, or adaptive leadership condition and completed a series of eight task scenarios. In study 2, we investigate whether being entrained with either an adaptive, a directive, or an empowering leaders impacts the extent to which followers are able to adjust their followership are able to adjust their behaviors when situations cycle between complex and simple tasks.

This seminar will take place in person in room T10-67 on Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Alternatively, please follow the following details to join the event online via Zoom.

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