Behavioral Science Research at a Corporate Research Laboratory



Corporate research labs aim to push the scientific and technological forefront of innovation outside traditional academia. Both Disney Research and Snap Inc. combine academia and industry by hiring academic researchers and doing application-driven research. In this talk I will give examples of research projects from my corporate research experience. My goal is to showcase the value of – and hurdles for – working both with and within corporate research labs, as well as some differences compared to traditional academia.

About Maarten Bos

After receiving his PhD in The Netherlands and postdoctoral training at Harvard University, Maarten Bos was an industry researcher for 10+ years. He founded and led a behavioral science group at Disney Research and was a Lead Research Scientist at Snap Inc., known for Snapchat. His research interests range from decision science to persuasion, and human-technology interaction. His work has been published in journals such as Science, Psychological Science, and the Journal of Marketing Research, and has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and The New York Times.


This seminar will take place in room T09-67, Mandeville Building. Alternatively, click HERE to join this seminar online.

Meeting ID: 991 4488 2843