ERIM Invitational Conference 2005 Track 1: Informations Systems and Logistics Management


1.1 Behavioral Decision Making in Operations Management. Behavioural research has already led to significant insights in the fields of marketing and finance. In operations and supply-chain management however, these insights are only just beginning to emerge. With this track we aim to create a platform from which more research can be developed in this area. 1.2 Leveraging the supply chain for sustainability Business sustainability is shifting from a single bottom line (profit) to a triple-bottom line: profits, ecology and society. As a result, Life Cycle Management and Reverse Logistics are becoming an integral part of traditional supply chain management. This track evaluates the current state of sustainable supply chain management and the research agenda for the future. 1.3 Securing The Global Supply Chain Current efforts to create security in transport and logistics place too much emphasis on securing parts-of (instead of the whole) supply chain. In this track we propose the development of an integral vision of secure supply chains. 1.4 Smart Business Networks Smart business: will networks change the essence of business administration? In this track we examine the pervasive impact of business networking and its repercussions for future business research.