Princeton University Press / Econometric Institute (PUP/EI) Lectures Series



The PUP/EI Lecture Series is a joint project of Princeton University Press and the Econometric Institute at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2006, the speaker is Professor Ariel Pakes (Harvard University). His lecture is entitled: "Econometrics and Theory in Empirical Industrial Organization." The lecture is part of the workshop series.


The PUP/EI Lecture Series collects the lectures of leading researchers which they have given at the Econometric Institute for an audience of academics and students. The lectures are at a high academic level and deal with topics that have important policy implications. The series covers a wide range of topics in econometrics. It is not confined to any one area or sub-discipline.

Earlier lectures were given by Robert F. Engle (2003), Charles F. Manski (2004) and Awi Federgruen (2005).



The lecture will review the tools needed to bring notions of market equilibrium to data. A review of problems involved in estimating demand systems and production functions will be followed by notes on applied analysis of static equilibria. We then move on to dynamics, with a review of methods for estimating off the implications of dynamic models, and computational issues in analyzing Markov Perfect equilibria.



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