China Research Strategies: Preliminary Results



Panel discussion with:

Prof. dr. Bruno S. Frey (University of Zurich),  Prof. dr. Lars P. Feld (University of Heidelberg), A/Prof. dr. Hans Hendrischke (UNSW, Sydney), Prof. dr. Charles van Marrewijk (EUR), Prof. dr. George Hendrikse (EUR), A/Prof. dr. Patrick Reinmoeller (EUR).

Introduction by: Prof. dr. Barbara Krug (EUR)


  1. Is there a need for China-specific research and research method?
    • The quantitative side: conceptual and practical issues
    • Qualitative research: data collection and analysis
  2. What are the insights of the China experience for explaining varieties in capitalism?
    • Role of cities, local jurisdictions, federalism
    • Competition between formal and informal institutions
    • Tax competition
  3. How to explain diversity in
    • co-ordination (co-operation), control (governance) and incentives in and between firms, and industries
    • knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship?
  4. How to re-integrate China specific findings into the main body of management and economic knowledge?
Contact information:
Dicea Jansen
Ze Zhu