Information Session about the ERIM Research Participation System (ERPS) (EBL Subject Pool)



The ERIM Research Participation System (ERPS) is the subject pool at Erasmus University. ERPS is designed to enable ERIM’s behavioural researchers to benefit from student participation in research studies held at the Erasmus Behavioural Lab (EBL). ERPS relies on the involvement of teachers from selected courses willing to give students the possibility to acquire a small part of their course grade via research participation.


The purpose of this information session is to talk to users and potential users of the pool for around 30 minutes about reasons for establishing the pool, performance so far, benefits for individual researchers, how the system works, and what the rules are. The remainder of the session is open for Q&A.


We cordially invite erim members who use the subject pool or takes an interest in starting to work with it in the new academic year to attend this session.

Download ERPS User manual 2008
Contact information:
Tineke van der Vhee