Beyond Structural Savings: Offshoring R&D for Competitive Advantage



Within the realm of globalization of R&D, offshoring is a relatively recent and still emerging phenomenon. Rooted in the notion of comparative advantage, offshoring of R&D involves disaggregation and global distribution of the firm’s R&D value chain activities to leverage innovation capacity of low-cost countries. Characteristically different from market- and technology-seeking globalization of R&D, offshoring is motivated by the intertwining competitive needs to gain efficiency and access knowledge resources. However, offshoring of R&D is generally viewed as a vehicle for reducing costs and is often approached very tactically. Drawing on extensive grounds-up research and the speaker’s own managerial experience, this talks offers insightful and actionable perspectives on how firms can go beyond structural savings and leverage offshoring of R&D for competitive advantage. Specifically, the talk argues that by strategically organizing and managing offshoring of R&D, firms can significantly enhance their innovative capability and organizational flexibility, and thereby achieve higher levels of dynamic capabilities. The talk demonstrates that offshoring of R&D is a new global organizational form that not only serves as an adaptive device but also allows firms to achieve ambidexterity. Exciting avenues for research on globalization/offshoring of R&D are also highlighted during the talk.
About the Speaker
Deependra Moitra is an independent management consultant, executive coach, and a venture catalyst based in Bangalore, India. Mr. Moitra’s consulting work focuses on strategic and operational issues involving globalization and innovation. Mr. Moitra has 16 years of multifaceted professional experience spanning business consulting and technology products as well as services sectors. Prior to becoming a management consultant, Mr. Moitra was the general manager for R&D at Infosys Technologies and the general manager for engineering at Lucent Technologies’ India R&D Center, which he helped set-up. Earlier in his career, he worked with Siemens Communications Software and the Indian Space Research Organization. Mr. Moitra is a frequent speaker at major industry forums and international conferences, and serves on numerous advisory boards as well as journal editorial boards. He has several publications to his credit including the widely acclaimed book, China and India: Opportunities and Threats for the Global Software Industry, published in 2007 by Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Limited. A recipient of numerous awards and honours, Mr. Moitra is a member of the Academy of Management.
Contact information: J.C.M. van den Ende