Opening doors: An interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective on ethical leadership



Ethical leadership has increasingly become a topic of public, business, and research interest. Yet, social-scientific research on ethical leadership still is rather small and leaves several blind spots. The presentation offers three new perspectives on ethical leadership: (1) Addressing recent calls for more hybrid efforts between empirical-descriptive and normative inquiry, the presentation develops an interdisciplinary framework of ethical leadership by integrating philosophical and religious ethics principles into social-scientific research. (2) To extend previous literature which mainly looked at ethical leadership through a culturally and sectorally homogeneous perspective (i.e., focussing on Western culture and the private sector), core findings of an interview study on ethical leadership with executives from diverse cultural backgrounds and sectors are shared. (3) Further, addressing calls for more research on the relation between culture and ethical leadership, results from cross-cultural quantitative research on antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership attributes are presented.
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Dicea Jansen