Electronic Media Addiction at the Workplace: Construct Development and Measurement



Like other types of addictions, Electronic Media Addiction (EMA) could lead to psychological and behavioral dysfunctions. Social networks, computer games and SMS are among the main culprits of such addiction. Surprisingly, the MIS literature has paid scant attention to this important area of research. We have little understanding of the antecedents of the construct, nor do we know much about the exact dynamics by which EMA manifests itself at the workplace. This dissertation aims to elucidate the meaning of EMA by building on the extant literature in psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience. More specifically, we propose a theoretical model of EMA to test a hypothesized structure of the construct before developing a measurement instrument. The proposed conceptual model and measurement scale should pave the way for further academic inquiry into the nature of this ever-important construct. The results of the study will also provide practical guidelines to organizations as to how to mitigate the deleterious effects of EMA at the workplace.

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