Can the Two Go Together? The Role of Paradoxical Leadership in Fostering Opposing Climates for Better Performance



Leadership plays a major role in the way organizations operate and, in their ability, to be effective. To follow their purpose, leaders set many goals and use a variety of practices to meet them. The many and varied goals increase the complexity and decrease coordination and cooperation in the organization. In the current research we develop a novel theoretical framework to explore the contribution of paradoxical leadership to coping with organizational complexity, by adopting an approach that allows integrating organizational aspects that are contradictory. We suggest that by promoting multiple paradoxical climates, paradoxical leadership improves coordination and cooperation, and therefore promotes organizational effectiveness. The study was conducted in a large security organization in Israel and is based on data collected in two points in time among 1,442 employees in 76 teams and their managers. I will present initial findings and discuss the implications of this work for practice and theory. 

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