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Thu. 30 Mar. 2023 Research Seminar
Tax That Fellow Behind the Tree: The Effect of a Heavily Sales Weighted Income Tax Apportionment Factor on Tax Burdens
Stacie Laplante (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thu. 6 Apr. 2023 Research Seminar
Accounting for Owners’ Capital
Moritz Hiemann (Bocconi University)
Thu. 4 May. 2023 Research Seminar
Machine Readership and Financial Reporting
Sean Cao (University of Maryland)
Thu. 11 May. 2023 Research Seminar
On the Choice of Level or Ratio Targets in a Bonus Plan: Theory and Empirical Evidence From a Field Experiment
Francisco de Asís Martínez-Jerez (Cornell University)
Tue. 16 May. 2023 Research Seminar
Seeing People: The Selective Attention of Financial Analysts in Their Research Output
Yachang Zeng (Nanyang Technological University)
Tue. 30 May. 2023 Research Seminar
Payout Smoothing and Investment Responsiveness
Alice Bonaime (University of Arizona)
Thu. 1 Jun. 2023 Research Seminar
The Impact of Mandatory Auditor Tenure Disclosures on the Cost of Debt
Mike Wilkins (University of Kansas)
Thu. 8 Jun. 2023 Research Seminar
Are Accounting Academics Paid Fairly? A Story of Salary, Prestige and Impacts
Charles Cho (York University)
Mon. 12 Jun. 2023 Conference
10th Conference on Professional Asset Management
Jonathan Berk (Stanford University)
Wed. 14 Jun. 2023 Research Seminar
The Evolution of Market Efficiency Over the Past Century
Ferhat Akbas (University of Illinois Chicago)