"The Customer Orientation of Service Workers: Insights from Recent Research"



In this seminar, Professor Brown overviews some of his latest research from an ongoing research stream focused on service worker customer orientation, defined as a worker’s predisposition to satisfy customer needs in an on-the-job context. In particular, he will focus on two projects. The first, which was recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, examines the interactive influences of customer orientation and the environment in which a worker is embedded on the performance of customer-oriented behaviors using a multi-level model. In addition, the project examines the influence of aggregate customer-oriented behaviors on firm profitability. The second project, which is currently in the review process at the Journal of Marketing, reports on the results of a comprehensive meta-analysis (approximately 800 studies) which compares the relative influence of customer orientation on the job outcomes of frontline service and sales employees.
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Guido Berens