Expectations, Asset Bubbles and Financial Crises



The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers to discuss theoretical approaches to modelling financial crises. The recent global financial crisis has challenged prevailing views about functioning and appropriate modelling of the financial markets. In particular, it revealed the crucial role of the expectations in the build up and collapse of asset bubbles. Hence, there is an increasing need for new approaches to modeling expectation formation. Accordingly, paper submissions addressing agents' believes in the context of financial crisis are highly encouraged.

The two day conference will be held on the September 16th and 17th 2010.

Conference speakers

  • Seppo Honkapohja (Bank of Finland)
  • Kevin Lansing (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
  • Athanasios Orphanides (Central Bank of Cyprus)
  • Pietro Veronesi (Chicago Booth School of Business) 

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Agnieszka Markiewicz