Connecting the Dots: A Study of Managerial Network Cognition and Contract Wins Among Firms Tendering for the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia



We examine how variance in managers’ cognitive maps of temporary external project networks affects their organization’s network advantages. Drawing on a unique dataset collected from fieldwork among firms tendering for the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia, we specifically study how the accuracy of managers’ perceptions of the structure and content of ties among key project officials affect the likelihood that their firms win tenders. Controlling for network position and firm quality, results suggest that the accuracy of managers’ perceived network structure and network content have complementary effects on contract wins. Findings also reveal that managerial ties to executives at other tender firms with accurate network knowledge increases the likelihood that firms win a tender contract. Implications for research on managerial cognition and social networks are discussed.
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Carolien Heintjes