Masters, Showoffs and Slackers: The Effect of Goal Orientation Congruence on Cognition and Teamwork



The title of this study refers to goal orientation (GO), which is defined as a stable, trait-like pattern of cognition that describes how an individual pursues learning and performance goals in different situations over time. Project teams working together also develop a shared, collective GO that may differ from the GO of any one team member. However, when a team member and their team share a similar level of GO, this is referred to as GO congruence. In this project, I argue that GO congruence influences the degree to which individuals can effectively work with their fellow team members. This occurs because GO congruence influences how team members process information in challenging situations. GO congruence also influences individuals' interpersonal responses to their teammates. In turn, these cognitive and interpersonal processes influence a team member's subsequent behaviour and their contributions to their team.