Science Upside Down Show


The Science Upside Down Show is a show in which the creative talents of ten PhD’s is used to make science attractive. In a talk show of approximately one hour they will present the results of their PhD research in a personal and artistic way, through a column, short movie, cartoon, song, theatrical performance, dance, comic strip, or otherwise. The show is hosted by Jacqueline de Nooijer, innovative learning consultant at RSM, as enthusiastic talk show host. She will have as her side kick acclaimed professor of Strategic Management & Business Policy Henk Volberda and ERIM fellow. They will provide the framework, the necessary speed, humour and give adequate response to the presentations.

The talk show is recorded before a live audience, and can be viewed simultaneously online at the ERIM website.

The PhD’s are:
Jorrit Alkema, Francesco Balocco, Xishu Li, Somendra Narayan, Ilaria Orlandi, Joydeep Paul, Martina Pocchiari, Erik Waltré, Hendra Wijaya and Gizem Yalcin.

Curious as to what they will present in The Science Upside Down Show?

The Science Upside Down Show is conceived and produced by Theater in Context for ERIM.