Sandpit EBL & Social Drinks


Building on the recent announcement of our two upcoming sandpits on research infrastructure, we would like to invite you to the sandpit focusing on the facilities and services of the Erasmus Behavioural Lab (EBL), which will be facilitated by dr Julia RoseProf. dr Ale Smidts, and dr Mirjam Tuk.

In the EBL sandpit, we will discuss your research infrastructure needs and subsequently explore the direction of new investments. Focal discussion points will include the needs for physical facilities & tools and for research support services, as well as the management and maintenance of the subject pool(s), and the role of the Internal Review Boards (IRBs).

When: 20 November | 15:00-17:00 (incl. social drinks from 16:30)
Where: T03-13
Register here before 13 November | Save the date


  • We will begin with a short presentation covering an introduction and context for the sandpit, as well as the objectives of the session.
  • Following this, an overview of the current infrastructure/facilities of the EBL will be shared 
  • We will then move on to the workshop section of the event, which will take place in the form of a cafĂ© session: A creative process designed to generate lively dialogue and exchange of knowledge on a specific topic.

There will be 3 revolving round tables organized around 3 themes for the EBL sandpit:

  • Management of the Subject Pool(s) and the connection with the Internal Review Boards (IRBs) | facilitated by Julia Rose
  • Physical facilities and tools (including hardware and software) | facilitated by Ale Smidts
  • Research support (including HR, dedicated activities and services) for EBL experiments | facilitated by Mirjam Tuk

We look forward to your participation and anticipate productive and enlightening discussions ahead!