Going Crazy with Globalpark



If you are doing survey research globalpark can be an amazing tool. It is super flexible and a little fantasy will allow you to adapt it to almost any need. At the same time, sometimes the would-be-simplest things seem amazingly user-unfriendly – until you discover that tiny little paragraph in the 800-page manual. Having built up some experience over the past few months, I will share some tips and tricks in the seminar that will both make your globalpark-life harder (if you want to) and easier. Harder: I will give you a little introduction on how to work with user-defined questions and pages. There can be many reasons for doing that – for example to make the survey more user-friendly or pretty. I will show you some examples of why and how I used them for creating a social network survey. Easier: I will share some tricks and functions with you that would have saved me many many hours of silly work had I known about them from the start. And ultimately, this will be a good opportunity to exchange your tricks and workarounds that keep you from going crazy with globalpark!

The ERIM PhD Seminar Series are dedicated to enhance the methodological dialogue between PhDs and are organised by the ERIM PhD Council.